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Going Back to School as a Mature Student

College professor instructs her computer class, or businesswoman leads her team.

Things to consider when making the decision of going back to school as a Mature Student

It can be an important decision to make, and being well prepared will avoid future stress and problems. Our staff at Bredin College recommends these several tips to prepare you on this decision.

  • Add up all the costs associated with going back to school such as tuition, transportation, childcare, lesshours at work.
  • Make an informed decision about your career of choice, ask lots of questions.  Don’t think you are bothering anyone.

Tips and things to remember

  • Give yourself some transition time. If you need support or help talk to a Bredin College Admissions Representative.
  • Be patient and nice to yourself and remember with hard work you can achieve anything. It will take time to adjust to your new schedule.
  • Staying organized and managing your time will help you stay on top and follow these 6 study tips.
  • You can take advantage of the tuition tax credits to reduce your tax burden. Furthermore, part of your tax credit can be transferred to a spouse or saved for future years. Find more information on student tax deductions here:

Bredin College is aware of the difficulties faced by many of our Mature students. To ease the transition we have dedicated staff to guide you, flexible programming to fit your family needs, a relaxed class atmosphere, text books and laptops provided to you at no cost and most importantly you can earn your diploma in under 1 year!