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Career Services Support

Career Services Staff Helping A Student
Dedicated Bredin College Career Services specialists stand by you long after you graduate to help you pursue your career

We’ll Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

You’ll feel empowered pursuing your career with our experienced career services staff by your side. Our staff have years of experience helping students and graduates to pursue careers and know exactly what employers look for, so you can feel confident that you’re doing everything right.

From resume writing and career search strategies to interviewing techniques, our staff will ensure that employers see you as you really are: qualified and ready to be an asset to any organisation.

We Have Great Relationships with Employers

In addition to our staff helping you, Bredin College maintains strong ties to the professional world and constantly adapts course material to meet job requirements. For over 40 years we’ve built a reputation among employers of providing high quality training, so when our name is on your resume that really means something.

If You’re Reading This, Request More Information Now!

You’ve made it this far. That means you really care about your future, and so do we. Why not call us at 780-784-2020 (Edmonton), 780-784-2020 (Calgary), 780-784-2020 (Spruce Grove), or 403-967-1070 (Red Deer) or fill out the form on this page to receive more information.