Unit Clerk Course Training – Expand Your Opportunities in Healthcare with Bredin College

Unit Clerk Training in Less Than 10 Months at Campuses Across Alberta The healthcare field is filled with opportunities that require less than a year of training. With hospital units demanding a special skillset for office administration, people who want to enter healthcare can find a rewarding career path by considering Unit Clerk course training. While

4 Tips for Managing Work and School

Develop a schedule and prioritize Schedule your work, school, studying, family time, you time, etc. for the entire week including weekend to make sure you can fit everything in. Don’t forget to include important dates such as meetings, exams, appointments, etc. and always leave some open spaces for the unknown things that pop up in

4 Key Skills That Will Make You A Great Medical Office Assistant

As a Medical Office Assistant (MOA) you are usually the patients first point of contact. This makes it crucial to make the patient feel at ease by being friendly and greeting them warmly. Good and Attentive listening skills You can help make the patient feel even more at ease by being attentive and listening to

Going Back to School as a Mature Student

Things to consider when making the decision of going back to school as a Mature Student It can be an important decision to make, and being well prepared will avoid future stress and problems. Our staff at Bredin College recommends these several tips to prepare you on this decision. Add up all the costs associated with

Bredin College students have two options for Affordable Transit Passes

Student Pass Bredin College is registered with Edmonton Transit System (ETS) Customer Service to provide our students with a discounted bus pass. Our students will receive a 10% discount for each monthly pass they purchase during the program. This reduces the cost from $97.00 to $88.50 effective February 1, 2017. Pick up your monthly bus passes as

6 Study Tips to Follow

Manage your time Studying starts with day 1 of classes Coming to class prepared, with a good nights sleep and arriving on time will give you a head start. Going over your notes and class work the same day, on your way home, before bed will give you a head start to studying and being

Why you should do your Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk

  Main duties of a Unit Clerk You will often meet the Unit Clerk at any nursing station.  The Unit Clerk is a vital link between doctors, nurses and patients. They are the ones that ensure proper organization. A more detailed list of Unit Clerk tasks include: Making sure that everything is transmitted clearly by

How Computerized Accounting Training can boost your Career

What is Computerized Accounting? Computerized Accounting is vital for all Accounting Clerks, Bookkeepers and Accounts Payable/Receivable Professionals who play an important role in the Finance System to keep offices running smoothly. Computerized Accounting Training provides knowledge in key areas of business accounting with the aid of accounting software such as Sage 50 (formerly Simply Accounting),

How to be a Great Office Assistant

Top Things to Know About Being an Office Assistant An Office Assistant is also known as an Administrative Assistant, Administrative Support or Secretary. There are many different job responsibilities assigned to you as an Office Assistant, which makes it important to be flexible and hold the basic office skills. Throughout your education you will gain the necessary

3 Great Reasons To Become A Medical Office Assistant

High Expected Employment Growth For Medical Office Assistants As a Medical Office Assistant you will be joining a growing industry, especially with population growth and as baby boomers start to retire therefore opening up positions and in need of healthcare themselves. “Above average is the expected occupational growth in Alberta for 2013-2017. Job openings are a