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4 Ways To Take a Productive Study Break During The Holidays

Ready for a Christmas break and looking forward to a rest? It can be tempting to veg out on the couch for two weeks and completely forget about your studies. While we encourage you to destress and decompress with friends and family, this is also a great time to be productive and do things that will help set you up for success in the New Year.

So how do you manage to have a break, enjoy some downtime and get all that work done? Here are some suggestions.

Plan Your Time Off 

Plan out the holiday so you have a proper break but also allocate enough time to get any studying or assignments done. It’s also a good opportunity to catch up on anything you’ve missed or need to give more attention to. Open your calendar and mark what commitments you have arranged over the holidays. Sprinkle a little bit of work into your schedule, between chilling out, meeting up with school friends, and spending time with your family.

Get Some Rest 

You don’t want to be exhausted even before you go back to school – it’s not good for your health and it’s not good for your grades. treat your Christmas holidays like a real chance to recharge your batteries. Log out of Instagram for a while, set down your phone, and take a walk to get some clarity. Take things easy, feel like you’re organized, and do your best! Your downtime is important!

Read a Little but Often

Don’t feel the pressure to do marathon study sessions in an attempt to fill your brain. The result is you’ll feel exhausted plus its too much information to take in. Focus on getting a little bit done each day or a couple of times a day. Did your professor bless you with no readings over the holidays? Take some time to read for pleasure. Whether fiction or nonfiction, it can be a nice way to unwind with a good old-fashioned book. 

Eat Well & Exercise

Yes. You are going to overindulge. Be sure to eat healthily around your Christmas Day binge! Get that healthy brain food into you. And don’t forget to get out and about. Make a point of going on those daily walks and filling your lungs with fresh air or getting back to the gym and getting your pump on. Move your body and your brain will thank you too. 

Congratulate yourself on coming through a challenging and difficult period and enjoy your time off.  Feel good about the hard work you put in and have a great holiday season.