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Must Have Gadgets for Adult Students

Although back-to-school shopping as an adult may not be as exciting as when you were a child, there are tons of goodies that are made for adult learners! We’ve narrowed down some of the top gadgets that are beneficial to students of all ages!

Portable Phone Battery

For a mobile phone with low battery life, the condition between life and death, a phone battery case boasts of extending a phone’s life. Neither does the case add too much bulk. A phone battery case or portable charger keeps the mobile phone of a student alive for the rest of the day without the need to locate an outlet!

Tile Mate Key Finder

If you are guilty of being clumsy with your belongings, especially keys, then the Tile Mate key finder can be a lifesaver. Simply attach your Tile keyring to your set of keys, and when you’re unable to find them, you can use the app to locate them. The app sends a signal to the Tile Mate keyring which will emit a ring. This way you can easily and conveniently find your keys in no time. 

Cooling Desks

If you’re a laptop user, a fan-powered USB cooling desk is a wise investment. A cooling desk allows you to work with a notebook on your lap without frying your thighs or overheating the machine. This is great for students who tend to study at home from the couch!

Heated Travel Mug

The mug keeps the caffeine insulated by attaching it to a USB port. It is the best company for a student on the go or someone who is pulling all-night study sessions at the library!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A deadly silent library turns into a private concert at study time with college students’ essential gadgets, noise-canceling headphones. Whether wireless, earbud, or microphone, headphones come in a range of designs. When navigating busy cafeterias or packed sidewalks, noise-canceling headphones keep students sane. They also are great for introverts who want to be left alone!