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4 Key Skills That Will Make You A Great Medical Office Assistant

Medical Team

As a Medical Office Assistant (MOA) you are usually the patients first point of contact. This makes it crucial to make the patient feel at ease by being friendly and greeting them warmly.

Good and Attentive listening skills

You can help make the patient feel even more at ease by being attentive and listening to their concerns and needs. Patients often feel overwhelmed and stressed, therefore having a friendly and attentive Medical Office Assistant will provide them with an added level of comfort. As being the first line of contact for patients It is equally as important to maintain proper phone etiquette.

Having Clear language

It is very important that you clearly present your information to not only patients but doctors and other members of your team. Using and understanding correct medical terminology and being able to translate it clearly from patient to medical personnel will allow for proper preparation and instructions for tests and procedures.

Being Well-Organized

A medical office setting can become very busy, therefore a well managed and organized office will make everyones work streamlined with minimal error. Success of a business starts with good organization. You will need to be able to work accurately and multi task  under times of high pressure.

Computer Skills

Medical Office Assistants use software and other computer applications for a majority of tasks such as:

  • Booking appointments
  • Billing
  • Reports
  • Managing invoices and financial statements
  • Updating and maintaining medical records and case histories

Earning Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk Diploma from Bredin College will help you develop some of these skills. These skills will help you become competitive in the job market and make you a great Medical Office Assistant but it is also important that you keep developing yourself and your skills throughout your new career.