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3 Great Reasons To Become A Medical Office Assistant

High Expected Employment Growth For Medical Office Assistants

As a Medical Office Assistant you will be joining a growing industry, especially with population growth and as baby boomers start to retire therefore opening up positions and in need of health care themselves. “Above average is the expected occupational growth in Alberta for 2013-2017. Job openings are a result of employment turnover and newly created positions” mentions the Government of Alberta on their Occupational Information website. The Health Care industry is growing. You may find that job opportunities after your training are extremely diverse.

Possible places of employment include:

Learn hands-on & get connected to a valuable network of area employers

  • hospitals
  • medical centres
  • medical clinics
  • public and private health insurance companies
  • health software companies

Finish Your Medical Office Assistant Education & Training In Under 1 Year

With focus being placed on specific training you can be finished your education in as little as 6 months. While it would take you 2-4 years to complete a diploma or degree. Students will find focus being placed on the specific subjects needed to pursue daily tasks as a Medical Office Assistant. Because of this specific training and gaining the necessary experience in the Medical Office Assistant Program you can start working in under a year.

A Career As A Medical Office Assistant Is One You Can Be Proud Of

A Medical Office Assistant career is a career you can be proud of.

Working in the Health Care industry can be a very rewarding career. By interacting with patients, and working alongside doctors you will be making a difference in people’s lives. Most students choose a career as a Medical Office Assistant because it is filled with compassion and helping others in your community. Learning the ins and outs of the health care office can help build your career and give you the opportunity to advance to more supervisory roles.

Start your journey to becoming a Medical Office Assistant today! For more information on the Medical Office Assistant program visit the Bredin College website.