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Legal Assistant

This program will provide extensive industry-specific education and training to students who aspire to pursue a career as a Legal Assistant. The program will familiarize students with fundamental legal concepts, legal maxims, terminology and professional ethics, and train them in basic legal research and citations, legal documents preparation, legal office procedures including client-management, client-interviews, and client-interactions and typing skills.
At the end of the program, students will be able to apply their understanding in a practicum placement.

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SKFS100 Skills for Success (20 Hours)

Prepare to become an effective learner by identifying your learning style, setting appropriate goals for academic success and developing strategies to manage stress. Overcome obstacles and stay on track while in school.

COMP100 Intro to Computers/ MSOL100 Microsoft® Outlook (40 Hours)

Learn computer basics and prepare to develop your keyboarding skills throughout the entire program. Discover how Outlook is structured and how to use the various modules to coordinate communications and collaborate with others. Modules covered in this course include Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Notes etc.

MSWD100 Microsoft® Word Core / MSWD200 Microsoft® Word Expert (100 Hours)

Create and format business documents such as letters, forms, and newsletters using a variety of core and intermediate features.

MSXL100 Microsoft® Excel Core (40 Hours)

Create and edit professional looking spreadsheets for a variety of purposes and situations as you learn a variety of core and intermediate features.
MSPP100 Microsoft® PowerPoint Core (40 Hours)
Create and manage presentations using PowerPoint’s core and intermediate features.

BWRT100 Business Writing (40 Hours)

Review and implement basic grammatical concepts to enhance professional business writing skills to compose a variety of business documents clearly and concisely. Develop skills to ensure effective written communication in the workplace.

OFFP100 Office Procedures (20 Hours)

Explore the key responsibilities of an office assistant. Discover current workplace issues in today’s changing business environment as well as develop an understanding of organizational structure, ethics and stress management strategies.

CSTR100 Customer Relations (20 Hours)

Develop foundational knowledge about customer service to support future success in customer-driven organizations. Explore the process of developing and sustaining client relationships and how to deal effectively with difficult client interactions.

BUSC100 Professional Communication Skills (20 Hours)

Assess individual communication styles and identify strengths and weaknesses in order to become an effective communicator in the workplace. Explore different business scenarios related to business etiquette such as telephone, email and business meeting practices.

CARS100 Career Strategies (20 Hours)

Explore the importance of job search materials including resume, cover letter, cold call scripts, etc. Your ability to find employment will increase, as your job search knowledge and understanding of the current labour market grows. Both group workshops and individual coaching sessions.

LA1001 Introduction to Law in Canada (40 hours)

Define law and understand the fundamental legal principles and concepts underlying the Canadian Constitutional framework, Legal and Judicial System and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

LA1002 General Legal Office Procedures (160 hours)

Develop the skills essential to assist in the management of a law office. Learn to prepare precedents, professional correspondence, memoranda, court documents, transcription, administrative literacy including client data management, and law firm basic accounting concepts.

LA1003 Family Law & Procedures (40 hours)

Develop a basic understanding of the fundamental legal concepts and provisions governing marriage and divorce, custody, access, parenting, guardianship, child support, spousal support, division of matrimonial property and common law relationship under the Divorce Act of Canada, Family Law Act and Children and Family and Youth Enhancement Act of Alberta. Learn to use various court forms and prepare court documents for use in the family law matters.

LA1004 Criminal Law & Procedures 60 hours)

Learn the underlying principles that define and govern the criminal law and procedures in Canada. Learn about important offences and defenses to them, criminal investigations and police power, criminal justice system under the Criminal Code of Canada and protections available against arbitrary use of police power under Charter of Rights and Freedom.

LA1005 Wills & Estates (60 hours)

Learn the basic legal principles and provisions governing the will and estate planning under the Wills and Succession Act of Alberta. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of a valid will, legal concepts of estate succession, testacy and intestacy, administration of estate, probate, roles and responsibilities of Executors and Trustees. Additionally, learn about personal directives and power of attorney. Learn to prepare various legal documents such as a will and power of attorney and use various court forms required in surrogate matters.

LA1006 Corporate & Commercial Law (60 hours)

Learn the three ways to run a business: sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation, setting up and starting up a business, contract law, consumer protection, employer and employee relationship, billing, payment, credit and collection, resolving disputes, preparation of documents such as Partnership Agreement, Promissory Note, Bill of Sale, Receipt, Demand Letter etc. in this introductory course to business law.

LA1007 Real Estate (60 hours)

Learn the basic concept of “real estate” in Canada. Familiarize yourself with fundamental legal principles of Alberta Land Titles, including Land law and Ownership in Alberta, Land Conveyancing Systems, Title Creation, Registration Process, searches and other services. Learn the basic legal process for selling and purchasing real estate in Alberta and how to prepare various legal documents related to it.

LA1008 Litigation Procedures (100 hours)

Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of civil litigation procedures in Alberta courts. Learn how to start or respond to a litigation process, collect and present evidence, pre-trial dispute resolution process, trial process and enforcement of a judgment. Learn how to fill out various court forms and draft the pleadings for use in the litigation process.

LA1009 Legal Research & Interviewing Skills (40 hours)

Develop the foundational knowledge to research a legal topic and prepare a legal memorandum/document by using primary and secondary sources of law including, the Constitution, statutes, case-laws, law reviews and journals, online resources and rules of legal citations. Learn the skills to interview a client for the purpose of gathering relevant and important information relating to the client’s legal matter.

LA1010 Practice Management Software (80 hours)

Learn how to use a practice management software to open and close a client matter, client data entry, management and updates, office records management, diarizing, scheduling, ticklers, bookkeeping, and basic accounting.

Credit and Collection Procedures (40 hours)

Learn how a debt is created, different types of creditors and priority among them, a guarantor’s liabilities, different procedures to collect a debt, process to recover a debt in small claims court and the court of Queen’s Bench. Know steps to enforce a court order for recovery of debt and learn to prepare documents for enforcement. Learn about bankruptcy, bankruptcy proceedings and discharge.

LA1011 Practicum (280 hours)

Practice the theoretical and practical knowledge that you have learned in the classroom, in a real law office. This 8-week practicum will expose students to the real work environment will help you acquire hands-on experience and enhance your confidence in your ability to work as a Legal Assistant.


63 weeks*

*program length when completed in normal time

Average Salary: $56,201

Average Wage: $30.49

Source: www. alis.alberta.ca

Career Opportunities

This program will enable students to gain employment in various roles like:

  • Legal Assistant
  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Legal Secretary
  • Office Personnel

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