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Top 10 Study Tips

For better or worse, studying is part of the student life. It is also a technique that requires patience, practice, and trial and error. As you think about studying methods that are right for you, consider the tips below. You might find techniques that will help you get the most out of your classes (both the engaging and the not-so-engaging ones).

Ten Study Tips to Excel This School Year

  1. Use color-coding or highlighting of main points whenever possible.
  2. Use brainstorming bubbles.
  3. Use a study partner.
  4. Take breaks, stretch your legs, get some exercise in and clear your mind.
  5. Use rewards and incentives to help get through long sessions.
  6. Draw pictures or make lists to help you memorize.
  7. Turn off any distractions like your phone or TV.
  8. Use multi-modal learning. Hear it, read it, speak it, re-write/explain.
  9. Do exercises on your own, only look at the answer to check your work or if you are stuck.
  10. Study when you are tired as it can help the brain retain info!

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