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Tips to Focus during Online Classes

Are you having trouble focusing on the words of your teachers when they are conveyed through zoom? It is easy to lose interest when you are not physically present in the right academic environment. You may have to be a little innovative when it comes to keeping undivided attention on your lectures.

Online classes are sometimes the only way that students can complete their education during this time. However, it’s not necessarily the most effective form of learning for everyone and can be a bit of a learning curve. No pun intended. 

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you focus during your online classes in the time of a pandemic!


This can be the most important part that is compromised in online learning. Having the liberty to do anything anytime you want to during, before, and after class can initiate a cycle of irresponsible behaviors. You may be tempted to show up late to class or slack on the homework. A dedicated and written schedule can help you stay in the clear. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks either!

Occupy a Fixed Space

Dedicate a corner of your living space to the time that you spend taking online classes. Make sure it is a peaceful and in the least disturbing corner of your house. Joining class from bed might not be the best idea (even tho it’s cozy), try to keep yourself physically alert as much as possible. Choose a secluded space with a chair that can keep you upright.

Minimize Distractions

Make sure that the device you are using to attend online class has its notifications turned off and no background processes running. Expand the window to full screen and do not exit until the lecture is over. That will make the sensory input much stronger, and you will find yourself picking it up more easily.

These uncertain times don’t mean that you need to put your goals on hold. You can take this moment to be productive, proactive and get yourself ahead for when the world gets back on its feet! Ready to apply? Fill out our online application form and get started with Bredin College today!