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The Life of a Community Support Worker

If you are organized, enjoy helping others, and are looking to get established in a steady, professional career in a short time, a Diploma in Community Support could be an excellent opportunity. Bredin College offers a 45 week Community Support Worker program!

Interested in learning more about the career of a community support worker?

A community support worker falls under a similar working role as a social worker or caregiver. It can be quite broad but typically, a Community Support Worker visits people living in their own homes and ensures that they are safe, happy, and healthy.

Some people may need round-the-clock support, the people you’ll be working with will often be more independent, so your role will involve empowering them to continue to make their own choices.

Many people with learning disabilities enjoy living in support living, as it allows them to live with more independence and choice than they might otherwise experience in a different support setting.

What kinds of at-risk populations do CSWs work with?

  • Refugees and immigrants
  • people living with disabilities
  • Victims of domestic or child abuse
  • Persons experiencing poverty
  • Persons dealing with addiction issues
  • + More!

Typical CSW responsibilities include:

  • Job searching and coaching
  • Connecting isolated people with social programs
  • Following addiction progress
  • Working with children and youth
  • Helping homeless or people in bad situations find housing arrangements
  • Therapeutical services and resources

Where Do Community Support Workers Work? 

Community support workers may work at emergency shelters, supported living facilities, youth group homes, family services providers, and residential care organizations

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