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Why you should do your Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk


Main duties of a Unit Clerk

You will often meet the Unit Clerk at any nursing station.  The Unit Clerk is a vital link between doctors, nurses and patients. They are the ones that ensure proper organization. A more detailed list of Unit Clerk tasks include:

  • Making sure that everything is transmitted clearly by processing Physician’s orders for patient care. This may include medication, physical therapy, nutrition, social work, pain management, and home care.
  • Keeping track and recording patients information, from medical records, medical history, and vital stats such as temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure.
  • Managing time sheets of unit personnel.
  • Coordinating patient admissions, transfers and discharges.
  • Answering and transmitting phone calls
  • Ordering office equipment and managing inventory.

Why Choose a Career as a Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk

Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk  will open more doors to potential employment opportunities and will prepare you to pursue a rewarding career in hospital positions.

Bredin College’s Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk program will prepare you with specialized Unit Clerk training and hands on experience for an exciting and in demand career in just 41 weeks!



Demand for Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk is in High Demand in Alberta.

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