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Bredin College students have two options for Affordable Transit Passes

Student Pass

10% off student passes

Bredin College is registered with Edmonton Transit System (ETS) Customer Service to provide our students with a discounted bus pass. Our students will receive a 10% discount for each monthly pass they purchase during the program. This reduces the cost from $97.00 to $88.50 effective February 1, 2017.

Pick up your monthly bus passes as early as two weeks before the upcoming month at Bredin College. For example, February bus passes are available as early as January 15th. To utilize this discount students must buy their passes, in person, at the Edmonton Service Centre, across the street from the new Roger’s Place on 104th Avenue.

Additional tips:

  • Bredin College Student ID’s must be presented when purchasing your pass as proof of eligibility.
  • Passes are tax deductible, we recommended that students save their passes used throughout the program by stapling it to your receipt and storing it in safe place until tax season.


ETS Ride Transit Program


ETS passes normally cost $91.50 with the recent price increase and that is not always a manageable price for students. This last fall, the City of Edmonton Ride Transit Program was put in place. Those who fall under the City of Edmonton’s declared Low-Income Cut Off (LICO), are eligible to receive a discounted monthly transit pass at the subsidized rate of $35.00 a month. At nearly a third of the price of an ETS path, this is an amazing option for qualifying students.

Household income is at or below the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) amount




Source: City of Edmonton Ride Transit Program


There are 11 locations throughout Edmonton that approved participants can pick up their monthly transit passes. In fact, one location is just a few blocks away from our new location at CN Tower, providing easy access for eligible students.


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