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Instructors Go the Extra Mile to Help Students Through This Remarkable Time

A group of multiracial students holding smart devices. They are thankful for the online class delivery methods rolled out by Bredin.
Anonymous survey finds that Bredin College students are grateful for the extra support that they are receiving from their instructors

Students are Able to Complete Their School Year With Individual Support From Instructors

With the global spread of COVID-19, this has been unprecedented times for all of us. Schools, stores and other businesses have shut down abruptly, leaving all of us scrambling to create new at-home routines.

Bredin College has adapted swiftly by switching to online class delivery, and our students have risen to the challenge. This change is new for all of us; both teachers and students alike are adapting to new technology and learning methods. However, Bredin instructors continue to give classes in real-time as if they were teaching in a live classroom, and students have tuned in faithfully. Bredin teachers are keen to see ALL Bredin students finish out their school year while receiving the same high-quality education that they’ve come to expect from Bredin College.

“Our instructor made the course a lot easier; he is very patient; he takes his time to explain and makes sure everybody understands. His method of using real-life experiences to explain makes it easier to assimilate.”

Anonymous Survey Finds That Students Are Grateful for Teacher’s Support

In an effort to see how students are coping with the sudden transition to online learning Bredin College put out an anonymous survey to check in with their pupils. While we are grateful for the patience that students have shown us, the results showed that students are equally thankful for the support they have received from their professors. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

One student remarked, “I was concerned with the quality of my education once we switched to online delivery, but now I am relieved. I do not feel that the quality has been jeopardized.” Another said, “Our instructor is amazing; she had to switch from in-class learning to online learning very quickly. She did this very well, even though I imagine it was very stressful.” A third stressed, “Our instructor is exceptional with an ability to explain and review the course content well.”

Students and Teachers Able to Overcome Obstacles Together

The transition has not come without challenges, but experienced Bredin instructors are taking the time to give individualized attention to each student, providing them with extra time and attention if necessary. One student stated, ” Under our new circumstances of being taught online and the frustration that comes with that, our instructor does her best every day to make it as normal as possible and teach us to the best of her ability through the screen. This hasn’t been an easy transition, but she makes it seem so easy, she puts us all at ease.” Another expressed gratitude remarking, “Our instructor is a good teacher, honestly given to the situation we have right now at first it was kinda hard but she made it possible for us to understand everything and she always explain all lessons very well. Thank you so much for being patient with us.”

“It was the first online course for all of us, and I think it went quite smoothly considering the situation.”

Though learning is not always easy for them, one pupil explained how their instructor helped them get through this difficult time. “I’m grateful to have such an awesome teacher. He feels like a brother to me. I would give up if he had not intervened. He gives me the strength I needed to take the next steps toward my dream job. He is a special educator, an amazing person, true inspiration, and support. He activates a hunger for knowledge and wisdom. He spends his valuable time teaching me; even I’m not a fast learner. I really appreciate his patience and hard work that he does.”

With our exceptional instructors going the extra mile and our student’s dedication to their career training, we know that they will finish out a successful and remarkable school year – one they will likely never forget!

Learn how Bredin College is making online learning accessible. Tune in to live classes given in real-time, and enjoy the flexibility of rewatching classes when it works for you.