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How to be a Great Office Assistant

A smiling Office Assistant at her desk

Top Things to Know About Being an Office Assistant

An Office Assistant is also known as an Administrative Assistant, Administrative Support or Secretary. There are many different job responsibilities assigned to you as an Office Assistant, which makes it important to be flexible and hold the basic office skills. Throughout your education you will gain the necessary skills to take on multiple tasks and requirements as an Administrative Assistant.

What Office Assistants are Valued For

Office Assistantsare often valued for there multiple skills such as communication, time-management, interpersonal skills, computer skills, professional presentation and ability to work in a fast paced environment.

What Employers Look For

  • Computer Proficiency Employers are seeking candidates that have strong computer skills especially in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel and Word).
  • Communication Skills Strong communication skills are important to have in an office environment between the co-workers, managers and public.
  • Organizational Skills Being able to multitask on the job will streamline workflow and communication in an office environment making your role and your co-workers roles more efficient.
  • Time Management Organizing and planning out expected tasks will provide you with the tools needed to reach your job objectives.

Remembering the necessary skills you need to make a good Office Assistant during your studies will prepare you to enter the job market as a strong and confident candidate.