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Bredin College’s Medical Office Assistant Course Training Opens Doors to Careers in Health Care

Two Medical Office Assistants very happy at work

Complete Medical Office Assistant Course Training in 10 Months, Right in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer or Spruce Grove

A barrier for many people wanting to help others in a rewarding health care career is the perception of having to spend years training and needing to move away from home to do so. They often aren’t aware of shorter-term programs that are available, such as Medical Office Assistant course training.

The reality is, many careers in health care don’t require those long-term sacrifices. That’s why Bredin College offers a Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk Diploma Program that takes only months to complete, is filled with practical knowledge, and can be done locally on campuses throughout Alberta.

Our program is led by medical professionals at our institutions and is accredited by Alberta Advanced Education. This means you can receive quality career training without leaving home, and finish in a fraction of the time of a degree.

Medical Office Assistant Program Curriculum

In a short timeframe, you will gain a vast wealth of skills and knowledge for the medical office environment. As a student in our Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk Diploma Program, you will learn:

  • Computer Office Skills relevant to Health Care Administration
  • Patient recordkeeping and filing practices
  • Anatomy and Physiology knowledge
  • How to speak the language of medical professionals using proper Medical and Pharmaceutical Terminology
  • Electronic File Management practices
  • Proper Medical Transcription for accurate recording and patient care
  • Alberta Health Care Billing

Having a comprehensive background in medical systems and knowledge will propel you to success.

With a 4-week practicum as part of the program, you will also have hands-on experience enabling you to work in doctor’s offices, clinics, labs, and other health care services, all in an sector that will see greater demand as the Canadian population ages.

Why You Should Consider Training as a Medical Office Assistant 

Long-term programs are not desirable or, at times, even possible for those who have family to take care of or other commitments that must come before career development. Because of those realities, spending years training for a career seems risky, straining on relationships, and unaffordable.

Bredin College’s Medical Office Assistant with Unit Clerk Diploma Program is a perfect opportunity to enter a rewarding career in less than a year while being able to go to school locally. With flexible schedules on campuses in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, and Spruce Grove, you can create a better future for yourself while managing other commitments.

In less than 10 months, you will be playing a fundamental role in patient care working as a confident professional.

Classes start soon, and you can join the growing number of successful graduates in the field. We would be happy to assist you in your big decision to go back to school, so please contact us today to learn more about how this program can meet your life goals.

Learn more about the 41-Week Medical Office Assistant Program, available at our four Bredin College campuses across Alberta.