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An obstacle that would have preventing me from enrolling in Bredin MOA program would have been the start date. I was looking to start the program as soon as possible. Fortunately, with their flexible start date my decision to join their program was made easier. Even though the Calgary College is smaller in size compared to other institutes, I find that this is an advantage for students. We have the ability to interact with staff and instructors directly. I also like how the course is fast paced. This can be more challenging since there is a lot to cover but having the right instructor make it so much easier. The benefit of joining Bredin would be that I feel very welcomed buy all staff members. I’ve got a good learning experience and my instructor is very efficient, her teaching style is fun and help me to be more determined to absorb all the curriculum. I would recommend Bredin College because I have a good learning experience and I feel the depth of the teaching will be very beneficial in my professional future.

I would like to say that through Bredin College I have learnt many things that are important in everyday life and extremely beneficial in the medical field

Inaara Bhatia

I’m almost 3 months studying in Bredin and I can definitely say that I made the right choice. I’ve already gained lot of knowledge and skills since the instructor is very informative. The College is well equipped with educational staff, the classrooms are very comfortable and conducive for learning. The Director, instructors and other staff are very approachable, considerate and supportive. I appreciate Ms. Nuella being a kind and good hearted teacher to us. I would recommend Bredin College because it has a great learning environment.

Jamie Fe Young

The teacher was excellent as she helped me to never give up to succeed. I will miss coming into class and seeing my teacher and classmates.

Ashley-Ann Dellaire

It was a fast paced course with an excellent teacher that filled us with lots of knowledge that will be essential for our employment. Best choice I made was taking this course.

E. Harsanyi-Matlo

Great school, excellent teacher, well taught, professional atmosphere.

Robyn Riggs

I am grateful for all the support and encouragement from the lovely people of Bredin College, Spruce Grove. I will always remember their kindness and unending patience in helping each student to succeed.

Ela Francisco

This program is one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.

Terrie Burgers

Great class! Debbie really goes above and beyond to make sure you understand what is being taught.

Chantelle Short

I enjoyed the course, the extra effort put into the work has paid off for my future.

Elivina M. Habitant

Overall I really enjoyed the program, I did better than I imagined I would. I am excited to start my new journey in the medical industry.

Bredin College Graduate