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4 Tips for Managing Work and School

Develop a schedule and prioritize

Schedule your work, school, studying, family time, you time, etc. for the entire week including weekend to make sure you

can fit everything in. Don’t forget to include important dates such as meetings, exams, appointments, etc. and always leave some open spaces for the unknown things that pop up in our lives.

Benefits of a shorter school schedule

There are a growing number of schools with flexible schedules and earning a diploma in a shorter time making learning and studying easier to fit into your schedule. For example, at Bredin College, Classes are only 4 hours a day, allowing you to still work and have time for your family and private life and include studying time when it is convenient for you.

Make Transportation Work for You

If you don’t have a way to cut transportation time, record lectures and listen to them in your car later, study and go over your notes or textbooks while on public transportation. Being a student means that you can get public transportation discounts.

Learn How to Not Burn Out

Pay attention to the signs; such as forgetting to eat, going to bed late, not being able to fall asleep, losing weight, loss of concentration. If you see these signs reach out to someone,  go back to your schedule and see if there is room to adjust it, try out a hobby that relaxes you. Sometimes even talking a short walk can help you overcome stressors.

Your career starts at enrolment!