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At Bredin College, programs are taught in small classes by industry experienced instructors who work in the field. You will learn hands-on, so you get a high-quality educational training in less time than a traditional college. Redefine possible, enroll now!

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9 August, 2019

Top 10 study tips

Take good notes or ask your teacher to provide handouts. Use color coding or highlighting of main points whenever possible. Use brainstorming bubbles. Use a study partner. Take breaks. (Walk around or stand up) Use rewards and incentives. Draw pictures or make lists to help you memorize. Turn off any distractions. (Phone and TV) Use…


16 May, 2018

7 Tips for Successful Practicum Placement

One of the great experiences you will get from Bredin College programs is the practicum placement. At the end of your training, you enter a four-week practicum placement with an employer where you will have the opportunity to practice skills learned in the classroom. Through this exposure, you will gain a greater awareness of the…


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